Oct 1, 2010


Pravděpodobně nevyžaduje žádný herní dodatek.
No EP should be required.

Recomended custom content (not included) /
Doporučený uživatelský obsah (vyžaduje samostatnou instalaci):
Kůže / Skin - 234jiao (přepisující / default repl.)
Kontaktní čočky / Contact lenses - Vampire_aninyosaloh
Vlasy / Hair - Peggy
Čelenka / Headband - Anubis360

- Kalhoty / Pants - EA Store
- Triko / Tee - vytvořené mnou / by me
- Vzor / Pattern - AAStyle ("Faded Denim 3")
- Společenský top / Formal Top - EA Store

Exported from game version 5.0.44 / Exportováno ze hry verze 5.0.44

Exported from game version 9.0.73 / Exportováno ze hry verze 9.0.73


Nightflower said...

She has a adorable face and her haircolor is really great..!

Loverdag Berth said...

Thank you :)

Kittycattylion said...

I use 234jiao's skin too, yet my female sims' lips aren't quite as pretty as yours.. did you download some kind of face overlay? :)

Loverdag Berth said...

She has only def. repl. jiao skin, nothing more. No makeup, lipstick or anything. I don´t know ... is your skin a default replacement?

Or may be there are more versions? These skin files are from MTS and were created in 6-7/2009.

Kittycattylion said...

I have the default replacement, and possibly the same version.. but, when you look at the previews, those sims don't have such pretty lips either!


hmmm.. rather strange!

Loverdag Berth said...

I have 2 files for the head. And I don´t understand why there are two.

First file is "head" and second file is "face".
Do you have both too?
Click: http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/4575/20101001230535.jpg

Kittycattylion said...

ah, you have the 6th version! that must be it!
I had the 8th.. it was the last time he/she updated that version of the asian skin :) gonna try it out right now!

yea.. the download once said it was only necessary to download the "head" file, but when I tested it, the faces wouldn't show.. so maybe the face covers the facial area and the head covers the skin underneath the hair?

Loverdag Berth said...

I made for you some pics in CAS, Chilli really has no makeup on her lips

So it is a mystery then :)

Loverdag Berth said...

So, ver.6 is better than 8? :)

And yes, "head" and "face" probably work the way you described :)

chrystal nicole said...

beautiful sim :-)
where'd you find the hair?

Loverdag Berth said...

Thanks :)
Links for all CC are listed above.

sfwmd825 said...

I love this sim! But she crashes my game when I select her in CAS :( Any chance you would update her? Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Loverdag Berth said...

New version of the game causes these crashes and because I have that version too, I have no way how to correct it. (May be it will work with next patch).

Loverdag Berth said...

Good news - I found older file and it works. So you can download her without CC :)

sfwmd825 said...

Thank you! That is awesome :)