Dec 19, 2010


Recomended custom content (not included) /
Doporučený uživatelský obsah (vyžaduje samostatnou instalaci):
Kůže (tvář) / Skin (Face) - Ephemera (přepisující / default repl.)
Kůže (tělo) / Skin (Body) - Aikea Guinea (přepisující / default repl.)
Kontaktní čočky / Contact lenses - Tifa
Rtěnka / Lipstick - Daluved
Vlasy / Hair - Raon
Obočí / Eyebrow - MissBonbon
Uši (posuvníky do CAS) / Ears (as CAS sliders) - cmarNYC

Vyžaduje Po Setmění / Late Nigt is required.

Šaty / Dress - EA Store

Exported from game version 6.1.11 / Exportováno ze hry verze 6.1.11


Shyne said...

GORGEOUS! I love the way you've contured her nose and lips and eyes, they come together in such a refine way!

Loverdag Berth said...

Thank you, Shyne! :)

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love your Simmies <3

Loverdag Berth said...

Thanks :)

Solosesso said...

Wow, just....WOW!! I love her so much! She looks gorgeous!

silvertora said...

I really love your work - problem I have is the content you list for us to go to get clothes, eyes, hair etc. for the sim - some of the sites are not in english and even with google translate on it doesn't always show you a -download button to click on to get the item :(

Loverdag Berth said...

The sim is 1 year old - and problem is that older websites or blogs doesn´t work. Or still works, but the CC was deleted from them. You have to change this CC for something else. Some skins from Ephemera are on Sims Cave (registration is required):