Jan 17, 2013

Things are changing ...

It is 11 months from my last post on this blog ... a long time.
Long time has passed and many things have chaged. I´m not interested in The Sims 3 anymore.

My main interest in these days (and through last year) is exploring interesting places in Second Life.
Exploring them and taking pictures.

Golden Age of SL is gone now. Many sims are shut down every month. We lose our favorite places ... Only memories and pictures stay.

Alchemy and Immortalis Sims by Loverdag
Alchemy and Immortalis Sims, a photo by Loverdag on Flickr.

But... it is not the end of SL. (Not yet.)
There are still many beautiful and interesting pieces of the virtual world, new events, 
new instalations of virtual art etc.
Amelia is missing by Loverdag
Amelia is missing, a photo by Loverdag on Flickr.

Many things to see, many places to visit.
And this is what I do now :)

My English is not very good, so I will not write posts
 - I will only put pictures here (with taxi to the locations).

This blog still has followers. If you are interested in my pictures, please stay and enjoy.
If you are not, I will understand if you will stop following me, 
knowing that you have another interests (in TS3).
CALAS GALADHON, a photo by Loverdag on Flickr.

If somebody wants to make posters or panintings from my SL pics for The Sims 3, you are welcome to do so and please:
1/ let me know about it
2/ give credit and link to my blog or Flickr to your web.

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